Previous Oral Presentations

Synthetic glycoconjugate vaccines. D. R. Bundle, H. Yu, J. Rich, M. Nitz, X. Wu and C.-C. Ling, 229th ACS National Meeting; San Diego, March 13-17, 2005.

Understanding neuropathy pathogenesis: synthesis of ganglioside BSA glycoconjugates and immobilization on sepharose gel. S. M. Andersen, P. Zhang, C.-C. Ling and D. R. Bundle, Canadian Society for Chemistry Conference and Exhibition; Vancouver, B.C., Canada; June 1-5, 2002.

Unique helical solution conformation in candida albicans b-1,2-mannopyranan oligomers. Albin Otter; Mark Nitz; C.-C. Ling; D. R. Bundle; 43rd ENC Conference. Santa Fe, April 2002.

Scale-up and production of Zstat-FluTM and other carbohydrates for diagnostic and therapeutic applications. O. Scrivastava, G. Scrivastava, R. Hanna, M. Du, W. Fu, C.-C. Ling, R. Mendez, D. Maunder, A. Liav and C. Shimaskai. 20th International Carbohydrate Symposium, Hamburg, Germany, August 2001.