Welcome to Nicholas Bolden, who has officially become a Graduate Student with the group! (May 2020)
The Ling group welcomes Nikko Lee, who is joining us as a summer student. Congrats on receiving the NSERC-USRA award! (May 2020)
Kevin Liu has successfully completing his Chem402 project, despite the hardships brought about by the COVID situation. Thank you for all your hard work! (May 2020)
Congrats to Austin who won the 2020 Students' Union Teaching Excellence Award-Chemistry, together with another student from the Piers group. Very well done, Austin!!! (April 2020)
Congratulations to Anna for successfully passing her PhD Candidacy! (February 2020)
Congratulations to Simon for his great CHEM 603 Seminar! (Jan 2020)
Welcome to Nicholas Bolden, our brand new Research Associate! (Jan 2020)
We welcome Kevin Liu in the Ling group to undertake a Chem402 project! (Jan 2020)
A big cheers to Saba for successfully qualifying to continue her studies as a PhD! (Dec 2019)
Congratulations to Afsah Ali, Cole Frantz and Jay Espejo for successfully completing their Chem402 projects! (Dec 2019)
Anna has given an oral presentation at this year's BSOC, while Saba presented a poster.(Nov 2019)
Congratulations to Carita Sequeira for successfully defending her Master's Thesis. Best of luck to her in all her future endeavours! (Nov 2019)
We welcome our new MSc students to the group, Austin Che and Nnenna Achebe! (Sept 2019)
Congrats to Dr. Pier-Luc Champagne for successfully defending his PhD Thesis. We will miss you, and good luck in Japan! (Aug 2019)
Welcome to Angel Nong and Quyen Pham, who received NSERC and Pure Awards (respectively) so that they can join our research team for the summer of 2019. (May 2019)
The Ling Group was well represented this year at the Glyconet Symposium in Banff. Thank you to Saba, Ping and Anna for presenting our group's work at the poster session. (May 2019)